Multi-Tech Resources, LLC  is an engineering firm dedicated to providing manufacturing solutions to companies operating in the Electronics, Medical and  Aerospace industries, we also work with universities to provide cutting edge tooling for research. We represent world class manufacturers in metals, plastics and electronics. Our 25+ years of providing industrial solutions includes carbide tooling, injection molding, Metal forming, along with tooling, design and prototype. our expertise is focused on providing value and improving operational efficiency.

Our diverse portfolio of product lines allows us to accommodate many applications within a company’s operation. We offer solutions that will improve the way a company does business as well as improving the bottom line. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and always being able to assist any company in making the right purchasing decisions.

Industries We Serve

  • Electronic
  • Medical

  • Aerospace
  • Educational

We provide high quality precision built stainless steel digital and analog depth gauges for checking hole depth in printed circuit boards, as well as other products and materials in several industries.

The digital gauge has an RS232 port for downloading data to SPC computer programs.

Depth Gauges for Precision Hole Checking

Digital & Analog Depth Gauges