Vacuum Gate Valves

Control the flow and rate of your vacuum process

Vacuum control is a snap with the Multi-Tech vacuum gate valves created in 1989 for the printed circuit industry to control the on/off state of CNC controlled drill and rout machines. We designed and provided our 2″ vacuum valve as the original OEM part for Excellon Automation and Dynamotion machines. A simple design with extremely reliable performance.

Our valves are also used in the plastics industry to control pellet flow from the hopper to the heater. Our standard 2″ valve addresses most requirements perfectly.

Our line of valves include 1″ OD & 2″ OD. The 2″ OD includes the air solenoid valve.

2 Inch Vacuum Valve

Sliding Gate Shutoff  Valve
with stainless steel sleeves

Please choose solenoid voltage for 2″ valves

1″ Vacuum Valve

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2″ Vacuum Valve

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